MOVEMENT LV 18K – Sour Apple Ice

Take your vaping experience to the next level with the refreshing and bold fusion of MOVEMENT LV 18K – Sour Apple Ice. This premium blend offers a thrilling combination of tart sour apples and a chilling ice undertone, delivering a unique and invigorating taste with every puff. Elevate your senses as you enjoy the perfect harmony of flavors, creating a satisfying and refreshing vaping journey. MOVEMENT LV 18K – Sour Apple Ice is crafted to provide a remarkable experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic and flavorful vaping adventure.


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Introducing MOVEMENT LV 18K – Sour Apple Ice, a thrilling fusion of bold flavors designed to elevate your vaping experience. This premium offering features the tantalizing taste of sour apples paired with a refreshing icy twist, delivering a harmonious balance of sweetness and coolness in every puff. The device comes equipped with the cutting-edge technology of a 700mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring an extended and satisfying vaping journey. Customize your experience with three distinct modes: Regular, Boost, and Turbo, offering a spectrum of intensities to suit your preference. The full-screen touch button allows effortless navigation, complemented by the smart LED display that keeps you informed of voltage levels, battery status, and e-liquid levels. Tailor your airflow with the adjustable switch, catering to both Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) and Mouth to Lung (ML) preferences. Packaged conveniently, each master case contains 200 units organized into 5 display boxes, simplifying the process for retailers to showcase this enticing MOVEMENT LV 18K – Sour Apple Ice flavor.

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