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ORION BAR 7500 Passion Fruit Pineapple

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ORION BAR 7500 Passion Fruit Pineapple

Vaping is a journey of taste, an exploration that can whisk us away to the sun-soaked shores of distant paradises. The ORION BAR 7500 Passion Fruit Pineapple emerges as a masterpiece of this culinary art, offering vapers a harmonious blend of passion fruit’s tangy allure and pineapple’s succulent sweetness.

Lost Vape Orion Bar offers 7500 puffs thanks to 18mL of prefilled e-liquid, and a 650mah rechargeable battery.


Capacity: Prefilled With 18ml E-Liquid
Battery: Rechargeable Internal 650mAh
Nicotine: 5% Salt Nicotine
Puff Count: 7500 Puffs
Charge Style: USB Type-C
Coil: Mesh Coil
Adjustable Airflow Ring


Single Pack, 10 Packs

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