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justin bonsky

I bought two vapes from a local tobacco shop, 2 for $40. One was some kind of grape and the other triple berries. The grape, brand new had only a few puffs on it and then kept auto firing while I was driving to walmart. Not sure if it was going to blow up or catch fire, I put it into an igloo ice cooler incase it did, also hoping it would stop and I could still use it. By the time I got out of walmart it had stopped auto firing but it was completely burnt tasting and a total loss. It continued to auto fire and I was out $20 dollars. Now I am using the other one, the triple berries. Well it's been just about 2 or 3 days and once again it is auto firing. I plug it in to get it to stop auto firing and it stops. I puff on it a few times and it starts going but then stops prematurely, and then once again auto fires. But then it starts doing this wierd thing where it like pulse auto fires and the light starts blinking like its confused and burns, stops, burns, stops, in like a half second interval. So its semi usable but im pretty sure its about to give out just like the other one did. Way before 7500 puffs and pretty much out $40 dollars. I think you guys need to do more testing on your product because im scared if I continue to use your disposable vapes, I'll have one blow up in my face, or burn my house down when i'm sleeping. Email me if you would like me to take a video of this vape auto firing. I dont think i'll be buying anymore of your products. I feel its too dangerous to use.

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