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While visiting my Son in Adrian, MI, he showed me your product, Lost Vape Orion Bar Cali Mint. One pull on the device and I asked him where can I get one? I have a great Son! He dropped everything and at 9PM, drove to the local store that carries them, and bought me 2 of them. That way I had 1 while the other was charging. On my way out of town, I bought a 3rd one in case I couldn't find where to buy it locally. Funny thing about the 3 just got. Only 1 of them has an easy draw. The other 2 are quite hard to draw. The package in the box was sealed, so they were new. I've charged them, so they have a full charge. All 3 have the same setting on the bottom of the unit. I have no clue why 1 is easy and 2 are not. I want them all to work as easy as the 1 does. What can I do to open the other 2 up? Also, my wife really enjoys the Cali Mint taste as well! However she doesn't want the nicotine. Do you have a vape device that is nicotine free with the Cali Mint taste? If not, how about one similar that tastes like spearmint gum? I am having trouble finding the Cali Mint flavor in Wilson, NC, the nearest town to me. My zip code is 27883. Any idea where I can find these? Thank you for your help and your time! My wife and I may be senior citizens and inexperienced "vapers" but we are certainly customers for the rest of our lives! May you have a very safe, happy, and prosperous new year! Michael Austin

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