Lost vape burn out

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Hi. I usually don't complain about anything but I really like these things these lost Vapes and especially the cotton candy one but I've gotten four different ones and the last week and they just keep burning out they don't they seem to be full but the flavor goes away and then they start tasting burnt I don't have an order number so I've contacted the international phone number and I've emailed several times and no one gets back in touch with me. I'm starting my own business and I sell things from estate sales but you know what not and things like that but when people come to my store they like to have stuff like that and you know I wish you'd stand behind your product because I enjoy them and I know everyone else does too I don't like the ice one so much but that's just my preference but I just don't understand., 4 back to back. That's a major manufacturing issue. I have also had one of the. That was making a hissing sound, which I'm assuming was it losing all of its liquid. I really don't want a refund but I would like it if you would send me some maybe even a tester box but I would like to try your Apple cotton candy I do like the cotton candy and any other ones you want to throw in there that'd be fine too but give me a call and we can discuss it thank you very much have a wonderful rest of your day

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