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12-18-2023 12:00
Hello! I am someone that switched to vape from smoking a long time ago, I recently moved to SC and wanted to try a new company with different flavors so I tried Orion when I saw it at my local vape shop, the first one I got was great! Lasted the normal 2 weeks I always have them last and I figured this would be a great switch. Since, I have had to return two for them just stopping working, and now the last two I got did not last more than a day with juice and there is NO possible way if the other lasted the normal 2 weeks, I smoked enough for 7500 hits of juice in less than 12 hours. I dont want to give up on the company, but I have LOST over 60 dollars on these products in a simple week. Is there something going on with production? Are these known issues right now? I just dont want to spend anymore money on a product that's simply not working. 🙁 thank you.

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