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Jennifer Krueger
12-28-2023 15:33
Hello! I bought one of your 7500 Orion Colombian coffee Vapes(like I have been since they came out) and opened it on my way to Wichita the other night from vapor 100 hays Kansas. 2.5hr drive. And it tasted like 7up or carbonation. I stopped at a vapor 100 in Wichita thinking I could replace it only to find out that apparently you cannot. So I decided screw it im not smoking I’m going to have to buy a new one, I was furious. Opened it, because I would be sure to know if it worked and tasted correct before I left the store. Took a drag from the newly opened vape, only to find out it too tasted nothing of the coffee sort, and trust me I am a coffee drinker/lover. The gentleman working was hesitant and I said no try this I do not want this vape. He said he would need to call his manager. Mind you I used my points to buy the vape. And the vape I chose was a few cents more expensive so there was a mixup. I got back to hays only to stop in at the vape store I am a loyal member to, for them to tell me that sorry once I leave it’s game over. I was in disbelief. So I thought I would contact you directly to let you know that your lot of vapes do not have any coffee flavoring and the gentleman in Wichita Kansas can verify I am in fact not loosing my mind.

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