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LIGHTRISE TB 18K Singles Mango Shake

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LIGHTRISE TB 18K Singles Mango Shake is packaged conveniently. There are 200 units in each master case, divided into 5 display boxes. This makes it simple for retailers to display the delicious mango flavor. Try our Mango Shake and experience a tropical and advanced vaping experience.

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Indulge in the tropical bliss of LIGHTRISE TB 18K Singles Mango Shake, a vaping sensation that transports you to sun-drenched shores with every puff. Crafted to perfection, this sleek and convenient device is pre-filled with 18mL of premium e-liquid, offering a smooth and creamy fusion of ripe mangoes blended into a luscious shake.

LIGHTRISE TB 18K Singles Features

The LIGHTRISE TB 18K Singles offer a comprehensive array of features and specifications designed to optimize your experience:

Puff Count: Up To 18000 puffs


1 review for LIGHTRISE TB 18K Singles Mango Shake

  1. Evelyn Toloza

    ORION BAR LIGHTRISE TB 18K in Mango Shake flavor offers a creamy and fruity vaping experience reminiscent of a tropical smoothie. With an impressive capacity of up to 18,000 puffs, this disposable vape is built for long-term enjoyment. Its sleek and easy-to-use design makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers. Available in the USA, this disposable vape is a standout choice for those who value flavor and durability.

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