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Summer Berry Ice – ORION BAR 7500

Summer Berry Ice – ORION BAR 7500: A Blast of Summer in Every Puff

As the sun warms our skin and the days stretch longer, there’s nothing quite like the taste of summer. Freshly picked berries bursting with sweetness and a touch of tartness – flavors that instantly transport you to lazy afternoons spent picnicking in the sunshine. But what if you could capture that essence and enjoy it anytime, anywhere? Look no further than the Summer Berry Ice ORION BAR 7500.

A Symphony of Summer Berries

Our Summer Berry Ice flavor is a delightful medley of the season’s finest fruits. Imagine ripe strawberries, plump blueberries, and tangy raspberries, all perfectly blended into a symphony of sweet and slightly tart notes. Each puff is a burst of juicy goodness, taking you back to those carefree summer days.

A Cooling Twist

But the Summer Berry Ice experience doesn’t stop there. We’ve infused this flavor with a refreshing wave of cool mint on the exhale. This icy touch perfectly complements the berry medley, adding a touch of coolness that invigorates your senses. It’s like biting into a handful of fresh berries on a hot summer day – the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and refreshing.

Built for Long-Lasting Enjoyment

The ORION BAR 7500 is designed to be your go-to companion for extended vaping sessions. Packed with a generous 18ml of e-liquid, this disposable vape boasts a whopping 7500+ puffs, ensuring you won’t run out of flavor anytime soon. Whether you’re relaxing at home, on a weekend getaway, or simply need a reliable vape for daily use, the Summer Berry Ice ORION BAR 7500 has you covered.

Convenient and Powerful

The ORION BAR 7500 is all about convenience. This disposable vape comes pre-filled and pre-charged, eliminating the need for messy refills or fiddling with coils. Simply take it out of the box, inhale, and experience the delightful fusion of summer berries and cool mint. Additionally, the integrated 650mAh battery boasts USB-C charging capabilities, ensuring you can keep your vape powered up for extended enjoyment.


  • Flavor: Summer Berry Ice (Mixed berry blend with cool mint)
  • Nicotine Level: Available in various nicotine strengths (Please check local regulations)
  • E-liquid Content: 18ml
  • Puffs: 7500+ (Depending on usage patterns)
  • Battery: 650mAh (Rechargeable via USB-C)
  • Charging: USB-C (Charger not included)


In conclusion, the ORION BAR 7500 in Summer Berry Ice flavor is a standout product in the vaping market. Its combination of sleek design, superior performance, and delightful flavor makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their vaping experience. The powerful rechargeable battery and high e-liquid capacity ensure long-lasting enjoyment, while the user-friendly design and sustainable features make it a responsible choice for the environmentally conscious vaper.

The Summer Berry Ice flavor offers a refreshing and invigorating taste experience that captures the essence of a summer treat. Whether you’re looking to try vaping for the first time or are an experienced vaper seeking a new favorite, the ORION BAR 7500 is sure to exceed your expectations.

About ORION BAR Official

At ORION BAR Official, we are dedicated to providing high-quality vaping products that combine innovation, performance, and sustainability. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously develop and improve our offerings, ensuring that our customers have access to the best vaping experiences possible. The ORION BAR 7500 is a testament to our mission, offering a premium vaping experience that is both enjoyable and environmentally responsible. Explore more about our products and our dedication to quality at ORION BAR Official.

Embrace the refreshing taste of Summer Berry Ice with the ORION BAR 7500 and elevate your vaping experience to new heights. With its exceptional flavor, superior performance, and user-friendly design, this device is a must-have for any vaper.



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